Lecithins play an important role in animal nutrition, too. These substances are known to have a positive effect in the nutrition of pigs and poultry, and especially in fish farming. And there are indications that lecithin produces good results in cattle feeding, too.
In animal nutrition lecithins are used as emulsifiers. They improve the digestibility of the feed fats and fat-soluble vitamins. The substances used are either “crude lecithins” obtained directly from vegetable fats, for example soybean oil, or “deoiled lecithins” produced by means of extraction. With an oil content of 35 – 40%, crude lecithins” have a rather viscous consistency, whereas “deoiled lecithin”, which contains a very high proportion of phospholipids (at least 95%), is available in powder form. Being highly concentrated it is also highly effective. This has been documented in numerous scientific studies.

Lecithin improves health, growth rates, skin quality and feed utilization. As nutritional ingredient for compound feed product its highly bioavailable choline, its content of inositol and polyunsaturated essential fatty acids makes it a valuable substance for piglet and chicken feed.

One kilogram of deoiled lecithin contains 36 g of choline, 38 g of inositol and 31 g of phosphorus hence the use of deoiled lecithin in feed covers the shrimps’ entire choline and inositol requirement.

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